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If you are already a member then feel free to login now. What is the difference between the Lee Enfield No1 and the No4? I am considering buying one of these just I would like to know which one is the better buy. Professionals are predictable, it's the amateurs that are dangerous. Anything you do can get you shot. Including doing nothing. The number four is three digits more than the number one.

Hope that clears that up for you. Subject: Re:Difference between a No1 mk3 and a no4 mk1. Diligently behind a rifle Google Images, you're welcome. The actual operation of the weapons is no different from the SMLE no.

It has one of the best actions in bolt action weaponry, however, if you load the stripper clips wrong, the rifle WILL jam. I've got one of each. The best way to kill an Avatar?

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Which do you suggest. And by the way all bolt action rifles of today are compared to the mauser 98, not the Lee Enfield. The main problem with the enfield bolt is that is has only 1 locking lug. Peter Paul and his brother Wilhelm came up with the first Bolt-Action rifle to use metallic cartridges, the M Not the first Bolt Action. As for the SMLE, are you looking for cheap?

The most a No.

The better gun: Lee Enfield No 1 mk 3 or K98 Mauser

Lot's of No. Deff Jaw wrote: Which do you suggest. The Great State of Texas. Hmmm something is going on here Frazz is really upset now Can it be? Frazz has just unleashed his hidden weiner dog from his mini bag, while quoting shakespeares "Let slip the dogs the war!!New Posts. Members Profile. Post Reply. I was always under the impression that unit I. Then I found this picture in an old book on the Lee Enfields.

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Don't shoot till you see the whites of their thighs. Unofficial motto of the Royal Air Force. Perhaps it is a No. VI with a later forend?

lee enfield no1 mk3 vs no4 mk1

Although indistinct it also appears to have the same foresight guard. Its hard to tell. The guy writing the book was supposed to be an expert in the field, so I assume he wouldn't mis-identify. It does look a bit like the original cocking piece though. I agree it is either a No 1 Mk VI or a trials rifle.

If the author of the book was working with some stock photos it would be quite easy to misidentify if not paying very close attention. I wonder if that isn't what happened in this case.

I just looked it up and it is indicative of very early No 4 production with the exception of the stacking swivel, which I could not find a reference to.

I did a pit of poking about as well. I can find no record of a "trials rifle" having the No4 muzzle configuration.

Everything I've found has indicated a No1 style end with the big cast nosecap. Were any trials rifles "changed" to a No4?All rights reserved. Shooting Australia. The better gun: Lee Enfield No 1 mk 3 or K98 Mauser Bolt action rifles, lever action, pump action, self loading rifles and other miscellaneous longarms.

The 'better gun threads' will put out a question for what you think would be the better gun, as the title says, and what you'd pick if you were given the choice. First, No 1 mk 3 Lee enfield in. Which would you choose, and why?

If I had the choice, I may just have to side with the lee enfield, although the mauser in itself would be fantastic, the lee enfield would probably suit me more. If something doesn't work, apply rule. However I would say as well. I don't like the Mauser 98 sights, just too small. The aperture on something like the Mark 4 is far superior.

The Mauser makes the better sporter option however. In that case I'll take the Mauser, I like its cock on opening as opposed to the Enfield's cock on closing, also the 8mm Mauser round is more popular here in Oklahoma. That said, my personal choice would be a A3 "Springfield" made by either Remington or Smith-Corona. I've been asked: "How many guns do you need to have? The way I put it is, the Mauser 98 is an exceedingly strong given its design age and when compare to the SMLEand a great sporting rifle, that was put to good use during war!

Hope that helps Doh! Weatherby Vanguards in. Back to top.The bolt action, Caliber. A skilled soldier could fire the 8. In its first fight the Aussies, using mainly only Enfield rifles and 18 in. In three years of some of the worst fighting of the Korean War, 3RAR was never forced from a position. After modifications, in they became the Mk I.

Barrel length was halfway There was concern at the time that the shorter barrel would not be accurate, with greater recoil, and too short a sighting radius. The most noticeable characteristic of the SMLE was its blunt nose, with only the bayonet boss protruding a small fraction of an inch beyond the nosecap. Top shown mounting Bayonet Number 9, bottom blow-up mounts "Pig-Sticker" bayonet. Interesting to some American Korean War veterans, the Enfield wasn't issued a flash protector.

Quoting one of my Aussie Mates, Vince Gilligan note the cone suppressor on his Bren in this link : The cone type flash eliminators were standard on the Bren Gun and the Jungle. I agree with Vince that our Lee Enfield Rifles had no flash suppressors, but our trusty Bren Gun had a cone shaped 'flash eliminator. Our Vickers belt fed and water cooled machine gun also a.

Flash suppressors reduce the flash by rapidly cooling the gases as they leave the barrel, reducing the gas density and temperature and correspondingly the brightness of the flash. Obviously this is entirely to protect night vision of the shooter, not try to hide him from the shootee. Corporal Davie had loaded his stripper clip the usual over-and-under method which alternates the rims of succeeding cartridges in front of then in back of, the rim of the previous cartridges.

That's the way the clip on the left is loaded. In another method, the rim of each cartridge overlaps the rim of the previous cartridge. The M1 Garand was the weapon of choice for US infantry. The M2 Carbinehalf the weight and with a less powerful cartridge, was the weapon of choice for support troops, and others not primarily involved in infantry combat. It was designed to meet combat needs less demanding than the M1 Rifle, but more than can be met by the MA1 pistol.

It was more convenient to use than the M1, and less intrusive to their other duties, while still much more effective than hand guns.

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When the Short Magazine Lee-Enfield was first introduced into British service, it met with a storm of criticism -- though little from the troops whom it served well during two World Wars, Korea, and beyond. British Commonwealth forces used the Lee Enfield Mark 4 as their main rifle.

Although bolt action, its locking mechanism made it the fastest bolt action rifle in the world.

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Its long service also permitted its design to be optimized over time to make it very rugged and reliable. The trained soldier could fire 30 aimed rounds at a target meters in one minute known as "the mad minute". The brits used a later version with the pig sticker bayonet. We had the 18in. One of the rifles I had was made in It was a very effective weapon.The Lee—Enfield is a bolt-actionmagazine -fed, repeating rifle that served as the main firearm used by the military forces of the British Empire and Commonwealth during the first half of the 20th century.

It was the British Army 's standard rifle from its official adoption in until It featured a ten-round box magazine which was loaded with the. As a standard-issue infantry rifle, it is still found in service in the armed forces of some Commonwealth nations, [13] notably with the Bangladesh Police, which makes it the second longest-serving military bolt-action rifle still in official service, after the Mosin—Nagant Mosin-Nagant receivers are used in the Finnish 7.

The Lee—Enfield rifle was derived from the earlier Lee—Metford, a mechanically similar black-powder rifle, which combined James Paris Lee 's rear-locking bolt system that had a barrel featuring rifling designed by William Ellis Metford. The Lee action cocked the striker on the closing stroke of the bolt, making the initial opening much faster and easier compared to the "cock on opening" i.

The bolt has a relatively short bolt throw and features rear-mounted lugs and the bolt operating handle places the bolt knob just rearwards of the trigger at a favourable ergonomic position close to the operator's hand. The action features helical locking surfaces the technical term is interrupted threading. This means that final head space is not achieved until the bolt handle is turned down all the way.

Action film

The British probably used helical locking lugs to allow for chambering imperfect or dirty ammunition and that the closing cam action is distributed over the entire mating faces of both bolt and receiver lugs. This is one reason the bolt closure feels smooth.

The rifle was also equipped with a detachable sheet-steel, round, double-column magazine, a very modern development in its day. Originally, the concept of a detachable magazine was opposed in some British Army circles, as some feared that the private soldier might be likely to lose the magazine during field campaigns. Early models of the Lee—Metford and Lee—Enfield even used a short length of chain to secure the magazine to the rifle.

These design features facilitate rapid cycling and fire compared to other bolt-action designs like the Mauser. Several First World War accounts tell of British troops repelling German attackers who subsequently reported that they had encountered machine guns, when in fact it was simply a group of well-trained riflemen armed with SMLE Mk III rifles.

lee enfield no1 mk3 vs no4 mk1

The Lee—Enfield was adapted to fire the. Experiments with smokeless powder in the existing Lee—Metford cartridge seemed at first to be a simple upgrade, but the greater heat and pressure generated by the new smokeless powder wore away the shallow, rounded, Metford rifling after approximately rounds.

The Lee—Enfield rifle was introduced in November as the. The barrel was now halfway in length between the original long rifle and the carbine, at The new rifle also incorporated a charger loading system, [24] another innovation borrowed from the Mauser rifle and is notably different from the fixed "bridge" that later became the standard, being a charger clip stripper clip guide on the face of the bolt head.

The best-known Lee—Enfield rifle, the SMLE Mk IIIwas introduced on 26 Januaryalong with a Pattern bayonet and featured a simplified rear sight arrangement and a fixed, rather than a bolt-head-mounted sliding, charger guide. These are called Mk IV Cond.

Ltd to meet military production demands, led to the development of the "peddled scheme", which contracted out the production of whole rifles and rifle components to several shell companies.

The rifle became known simply as the " three-oh-three ". Due to the poor performance of the. The main deficiency of the rounds at the time was that they used heavy, round-nosed bullets that had low muzzle velocities and poor ballistic performance.

Work on a long-range replacement cartridge began in and resulted in the. A new rifle based on the Mauser design was created to fire the round, called the Pattern Enfield.

Although the. Attempts were made to find a cooler-burning propellant but further trials were halted in by the onset of the First World War.Well it should have it stamped there! But again, a very stylised square S or the US flaming proof mark may well give it away. This does have the squared cocking piece, the MKII. Whereas the earlier models had a button cocking piece, however due to production date of this rifle the square piece is correct to the rifle, as was highlighted in the list of changes Para B The main way in which to easily differentiate the models is the bolt head release mechanism.

It is a spring-loaded catch just rearward of the charger guide on the right hand side the receiver. Depressing this allowed the bolt to be removed from the rifle.

Improvements in the bedding and a heavier barrel, coupled with a longer sight picture gave the Allied soldier a battle rifle with great potential. The reduced weight in the nose cap allowed the rifle to balance and come up to the aim quicker.

An improved graduated rear flip-up sight called the singer sight was graduated from yds to yds in 50 yd graduations. Earlier less hurried times would have seen wood such as French or European walnut being used. The walnut would have been suitably seasoned and prepared years in advance. However luxuries like that were soon to be a thing of the past. The times of enjoying wood from Europe was ending and North American woods were now becoming increasingly the norm as well as coach woods from as far as Australia.

But when we talk about accuracy I feel that I must remind readers of what Maj E. And this was no target rifle, nor was it ever intended to be, it was deadly efficient in its intended role and proved an extremely solid and dependable battle rifle. Not able to exportgood people, USA. Wood, barrels, plus full inventory for Enfield No1 Mk3 and No4.

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lee enfield no1 mk3 vs no4 mk1

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